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Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Press-fittings & Pipe

High Strength Material

304 stainless steel pipe has tensile strength ³520MPa, 2-10 times stronger than ordinary pipe, greatly reduce the possibility of leakage caused by external forces, so that conserve water resources.

Corrosion - resistant, Long Service Life

Stainless steel pipe can react with oxidants to forn a thin and dense protective oxide layer. The corrosion resistance is far better than ordinary metal pipes'. The service life is about one hundred years.

Wearproof, Temperature Resistant, Low Flow Resistance, Heavy Pressure

The inwall of stainless steel pipe is very smooth, with low flow resistance, wear-resistant, shock resistance, anti-aging, high and low temperature resistant, and can with stand high pressure. It is beyond comparison than other pipes.

Healthy, environment - friendly material can bring clean water

Plastic Pipe: Can not with stand high temoerature, not suitable for low temperature environment, easy aging, and may disorganize regular hormone secretion.

Galvanized Pipe: Rust and scale easily, red and black water may sometimes flow out, which cause secondary pollution. Galvanized pipe has been expressly prohibited by our country to be used as domestic water system piping.

Copper Pipe: When copper pipe encounter carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide verdigris will be produced. It is harmful to health. (Mainly composed of copper sulfate and copper carbonate).

Stainless Steel Pipe: Unique performance will not cause secondary pollution on water, no red or green water caused by rusting and scaling, no strange smell, no harmful substance is produced. The water quality is clean and healthy, fully meet the national drinking water quality standards, and the whole pipe network can be 100% recycled.

Easy Construction, Safe Connection

Installing press-fittings is quick and easy. Just use special tool to compress in the correct position after inserting the pipe. It is 4-5 times more efficient than traditional welding method or screw fittings. And the connection part is safe and reliable, so avoid leakage caused by house shock, water hammer quiver, pipe resonance and even earthquake. Therefore, It shortens the construction time and decreases risks.

Suitable For Embedded Installation, No Maintenance worry

Press-fittings meet the requirement of embedded installation. The connection part is so reliable to greatly low down leaking possibility at secluded place. And it will not damage the building wall, so it can reduce risks of maintenance and renovation.

Low Comprehensive Cost

Financially speaking, water supply piping construction cost is an extremely small figure in building construction cost. The initial cost of stainless steel press-fittings and pipe combination project which has reliable and long service life seems 2-2.5 times more expensive than plastic pipe. But actually, it is a one-time expense that is with no further maintenance trouble and almost no maintenance cost. So the comprehensive cost is lower than the cost of any other type of pipe. If correspondents choose inappropriate piping material, the future losses will be ten times more than the initial investment. Such losses include: maintenance cost caused by leakage, property loss etc.

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